The Bio-Mask
Protect From Splatter
Replacement Shields available at about $1 each
One Frame, 10 Shields ONLY $34.95 learn more
Protect Valuable
Loupes & Lights
From Splatter learn more
Institutional Pricing Available

Save money and purchase equipment in bulk

Superior Fit
The headband adjusts quickly and easily to assure a comfortable, custom fit for every user.

Superior Function
The feather light frame (weighing about 1 oz) positions the shield at the perfect angle and distance from the face. This easily accommodates loupes and prescription glasses.

Crystal Clear Optics
Only the finest optical grade film materials are used in the production of the face shields. Anti fog coating is standard.

Most Economical
The disposable lens is the most economical of all current available face shield systems.

Fast Shield Changes
The uniquely simple 3 clasp design allows the Bio-Mask® lens to be replaced in a matter of seconds.

Easy Disinfection
A smooth, simple frame design allows for easy disinfection with any surface disinfectant.

Superb Ventilation
Large slots in the visor provide excellent ventilation resulting in reduced shield fogging.

No Heat Buildup
Hot air convects up and is vented away from your face.

Built For Long Hours
The band evenly distributes the weight preventing pressure points and indentations.

Reusable Frame
Super durable, reusable frame will last for hundreds of shield changes.


Vistar introduced the Feather product line to solve problems related to safety glasses used by medical professional and their patients. The feather offers comprehensive protection for personnel who utilize surgical masks. The feather also is utilized for patient safety and it is easy to switch out the shield so your patient has a fresh lens every time.
Vistar Technologies, LLC is a leader in the research and development, manufacturing, and marketing of cosmetic dentistry products, dental materials, devices, instruments and medical protective devices. The company continues development and has patents and trademarks in force and pending on many of its unique materials, devices, and procedures. For the past 25 years we have distributed our products worldwide to dentists, group practices, private and military clinics as well as hospitals and universities.
The Bio-Mask is a state-of-the-art medical faceshield system which is far superior to any shield product currently on the market. The Bio-Mask ™ faceshield is composed of a superbly designed reusable frame and quick change disposable lens. We believe this shield system is the most comfortable, best functioning, and most economical shield currently available.
Meets OSHA and ANSI Standards

The Bio-Mask helps you meet your safety requirements

The Bio-Mask complies with BOTH ANSI Z87.1-2010 facial protection standards AND OSHA requirements for facial protection. Safety glasses and masks protect the eyes, nose and mouth from infectious materials but not the facial skin around the area of coverage. If blood or saliva splatter reaches the exposed zones of the forehead, cheeks or neck you are NOT in compliance with OSHA standards. We believe our unique face shield system is the most comfortable, best functioning and most economical way to meet and exceed the current OSHA standards. Most importantly, it is the right thing to do.
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